Natural Rock Salt Miracle

Bring the feeling of comfort to your bed with the Miracle of Natural Rock Salt.

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Organic & handcrafted

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Natural rock salt

Natural rock salt, from the period to the present day; It stands out thanks to its feature enriched with natural minerals.It has a pure structure and has not been refined.It contains 84 of the 92 elements that the human body needs in a naturally balanced wayy


  • Prevents allergies to dust clay and pollen in the environment
  • Stabilizes the humidity in the environment helps to increase our energy level
  • Helps to alleviate the pain in the muscles and bones while supporting nervous system
  • Thanks to the negative ions it emits to the environment it carries the feeling of comfort at the river and seaside to your bed
  • Removes static electricity from the body and supporting the establishment of bio-rhythm
  • Utilizes rock salt in bedding fabric
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